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COVID Policies

Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

It is of the utmost importance that you understand my stance on the Coronavirus and how I plan to proceed through 2022.

In order to prepare for your visit I ask that you text me when you arrive. Before entering you **MUST be wearing a MASK!** This mask must have loops that go around your ears (not your head). If you don't have one there will be some in the studio available to purchase! When I am ready for you, I will invite you to *buzz in* at the intercom located *INSIDE* the breezeway. From there I will unlock the inside door for you. I will then escort you to the restroom where I will have you wash your hands, as I will be doing the same in my studio. 

Please note: 

  • If you're presenting COVID symptom, have been exposed, or testing positive- Contact Gabrielle IMMEDIATELY! (512)-333-2991

  • If you have traveled in the last 2 weeks, please RESCHEDULE your appointment. 

  • If you are under the weather and not feeling well it is mandatory we RESCHEDULE your appointment.  

  • Allergies are at large -If you show up to your appointment and I don’t feel comfortable servicing you based on your current health, I have the right to refuse service. I will then use the card on file to obtain the full hourly total of your visit before we proceed with rescheduling. 

  • I will not be serving additional beverages during this time. If you’re interested in having water, please bring a reusable thermos with you and I can show you where to fill up. 

  • If you have an appointment scheduled for 3+ hours, you're welcome to bring snacks. We will designate good points to break so you can snack.

  • As we complete our visit together it is required that I have a card on file for touchless transactions. This will continue to keep operations seamless for check out as well as uphold my Cancellation Policy.

  • When cancelling within 48 hours 100% of the hourly cost is due. This means that if you're sick with covid, have been exposed or are testing positive you're still responsible for this cost before we can proceed with scheduling our future appointment together. 

I will continue to take my own health and well-being very seriously, please do the same for yourself! A good reminder is to practice proper sanitation, patience, and kindness during this time. Things are changing rapidly and the best we can do is keep each other informed! Thank you for your communication and understanding.

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