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a head spa that blends beauty and overall wellness 


Head Spa

Head spa treatments with energy work, aromatherapy, and pressure point scalp massage


Head Spa & Haircut

Transcend head spa treatments with a maintenance or transformation haircut add-on

My Story


Welcome to my sanctuary of scalp and hair care, where I blend fifteen years of hairstyling expertise with a deep passion for holistic health. For the past five years, I've specialized as a scalp therapist, creating a nurturing haven for clients seeking more than just a salon experience.

My journey began with a profound realization: caring for the scalp goes far beyond aesthetic concerns—it's a gateway to overall well-being. I offer HEAD SPA experiences that are not only deeply nourishing but also support the nervous system, guiding you gently into the restorative parasympathetic state. 

Sensitive souls find solace here; my approach is crafted with compassion, ensuring every client feels safe and heard. I integrate energy work into sessions for those who seek a holistic healing experience.

I am deeply committed to purity and sustainability. Partnering exclusively with sustainable beauty brands, I steer clear of toxic chemicals that once compromised my own health. Each visit equips you with tangible practices for at-home care, empowering you to extend the benefits of our sessions.

This space is more than a hair studio—it's a sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit. I am honored to walk alongside you on your wellness journey and excited to share the transformative power of holistic scalp care. 

With gratitude and warmth,



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